We were born and raised in the family home above our factory. For us, the sound of the machines is a reassuring sign of life of the company that our grandfather founded over 100 years ago and for which we have worked since we were young. As children, we spent our summer months perfecting the basics of silver work.
While learning that “handmade” often many difficult and repetitive, we developed a respect for the machines that aided our labour. The machines are poetic instruments; like poetry, they help us create but do not cause fatigue.
On the other hand, we find nothing poetic in the recurrent praise of the “handmade”, and believe that it’s a subtle bait for cynical salesmen and clients who really only appreciate if a piece is made by expensive European hands rather than inexpensive hands of the third world.
In our factory many processes remain manual because they achieve results stil elusive to machines. These processes help us achieve impressive results, but not to praise the process itself of “handmade”.
Poetry does not originate from one’s hands, but rather from the minds of the many extraordinary people who have and continue to work in our factory. But that’s another story.

– Gianfranco, Teodora & Roberto Pampaloni


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