The colour of silver
“There is nothing that artists, poets and writers fear more than an eye seeing their little fraud… that eye seeking on their behalf like if they wanted to sell little for a lot”.
Friedrich Nietzsche’s thought reflects on the effort accomplished by “artistic” companies, subalpine and transalpine, to give a different name that induces nobleness and preciousness to the standard silver plated metals. The usual silver-plate, made of brass or nickel then silver plated, becomes an exclusive “alloy”, mysterious and precious in the catalogues of the celebrate companies.
Our three collections in silver plated are not meant to satisfy the taste of the possession of objects in precious materials as opposed to what real silver can provide, but instead they can offer pleasure of casual and frequent use.
The Olympia & Anglia collections develop a wide variety of functional objects in the sober style of the great European tradition while the Due Sicilie is what we love most for its forms and the history that makes it a real conversation collection. The careful proportions, the balance of decoration and unpretentious details of the three collections make the obkects elephant and functional, keeping the “effect and colour of silver”.
Gianfranco Pampaloni


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